Due to the COVID-19 situation there are some operational changes as follows:

– To allow additional time for our more extensive cleaning procedures, check-in and check-out times will change to a strict check-out by 10-30am and check in no earlier than 5-00pm.

– Pool usage in compliance with government standards.

– The main house pool is available for guests; reception toilets and pool toilets are closed.

– Covid-19 operational plan in use, body temperature reading when justified.

– All staff have full personal protective equipment and face masks are worn at all times.

– Social distancing is requested by all staff and guests at the Quinta.

– Provision of handwash dispensers with approved hand cleaning liquids will be available in all accommodation units and the reception area.

– Regular cleaning of the stone area around each pool with approved COVID-19 cleaning material will be done.

– Any bins that required hand touching to open them are being replaced with ones that can be opened by foot operation.

– In the event of anyone with suspected COVID-19 infection, we have special isolation accommodation where we can move that individual to.

– All rooms are cleaned to a special COVID-19 checklist and all cleaning materials are COVID-19 approved.

– All laundry and linen is cleaned to COVID-19 government standards.

NOTE: We will be compliant with government policies.


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