The Quinta represents an important historic building for the region and its history can be traced back to the 17th century where it has been under the ownership of Portuguese noblemen including descendants who can be traced directly back to William the Conqueror.

Since the acquisition of the Quinta by Jose Pinto Cardeano in 1906, it remained in the same family for the next 100 years.  He had made his fortune in Brazil and on his return to Portugal purchased the Quinta and undertook extensive works including renovation of the chapel, reconstruction of the main Quinta house and development of the historic gardens that remain in existence today.

Over the more recent past decades, the Quinta fell into a state of disrepair and in 2006 it was purchased by two English businessmen with a vision to fully refurbish and restore the Quinta back to its former glory.

It is an interesting turn of fate that while it was the successful entrepreneurial activities of a Portuguese national in Brazil that provided the fortunes for the turnaround of the Quinta at the beginning of the 20th Century, at the turn of the 21st Century it took the entrepreneurial spirit of two Englishmen – who found success in the booming Information Technology industry a century later – to see, once again, the return of  the Quinta to an estate of land and buildings that the region can be proud of.


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