The market town of Resende is just 3.9km from the Quinta. It has two larger supermarkets, several mini-markets and a variety of shops, bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Of restaurants, there is a wide variety to suit different budgets, all serving regional delicacies and traditional Portuguese meals.

Resende is considered to be the gateway to the Douro wine and Port region, but in fact the most important source of income for the local population comes from cherries, for which the municipality of Resende is one of the largest domestic producers. The Cherry Festival is held in May, an event which brings visitors from all over to sample the fruit, popular music, good food and wine from the Douro region.

As you walk through Resende you may see on sale black clay pottery, baskets, headgear, lace and embroidery. These are all traditional hand crafts associated with the region.


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