Situated to the south of the Douro, Lamego belongs to the district of Viseu and is one of the most important urban centres of the Douro region.

This ancient city was occupied by the Romans and became Christianised in the mid-6th century under the Visigoths. The Moors conquered much of Spain and Portugal during the 8th century and wars were fought between Christians and Muslims in the region until Fernando Magno de Leão defeated the Moors to re-establish the Christian Church; Lamego is today a Portuguese diocese

The Shrine of Senhora dos Remédios (Our Lady of Remedies) is one of the city’s main monuments. It sits at the top of a huge staircase rising from the city centre and was built in the 18th century on the hill of St. Stephen.

The Cathedral of Lamego, dates to a time prior to the foundation of the nation, and has undergone several reconstructions over time. Today, it combines a variety of styles that make it one of the most beautiful monuments in the region.

The church of San Pedro de Balsemão, National Monument, is the second oldest in the Iberian Peninsula, possibly of Visigothic origin.

A melting pot of Celtic, Roman, Visigothic, Moorish and Christian influences, Lamego enjoys a strong cultural heritage. The municipality is full of churches, chapels, historic villages and medieval bridges, numerous vestiges of primitive occupation of these lands.



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